Dell Laptop Damage Hing Fixed By Av Tech Dell Service Center Hand to Hand

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Does your dell laptop’s Hing got broken?

 Do not worry about it. It is a little thing happen every now

and then in the electronics items and appliances. But it can be repaired with a little effort by the

technician, and they charge you a little for the repair and replacement of that part.

What is the reason of fragment?

The reason behind shattered would be falling from table, due to congest in your bag with water

bottle and some others materials.

One of the reasons would also be slipping the dell laptop on wall.

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Dell Service Center

What to do after hing broken?

Just look at the palmrest of your laptop and make sure your laptop is repairable, otherwise one has

to change their palm rest or hings of the broken laptop. But before doing anything else regarding

changing and repairing by yourself, kindly contact with our authorized engineers they will guide you

what do with it. If the laptop is repairable the, they will repair the dell laptop with some comical and

with high gumming adhesive. After repairing it will take one to two hours to get working fine as it

was. We have been doing this for last 12 years. Make sure to come our dell service center to get

your laptop working good as soon as possible.

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Does Your Dell Laptop Battery Back-Up Issue?

If you are facing kinds of any issue in your Dell Laptop Battery Backup Issue, Get follow bellow tips for healthy Your Dell Laptop.

Check your Power Setting: (Battery) :- Make sure Your laptop is set to use the battery power when not connected to an AC Adaptor. To do this, go to the control Panel, Select Power Options, and make sure that Power Saver Or Balanced Mode is selected.

Check Your Battery health :- Dell Laptops come with a build-inbattery health check utility. You can access it by pressing F12 during boot up and going to the diagnostics section. If your battery is failing, and found any error Validation Code such as bellow Image Need Contact your Nearest Dell Service Center. Due to you may need to replaced new one Battery

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Dell Laptop Battery Error Code 1
Dell Laptop Battery Error Code

Update Your Dell Bios Version:- Visit Dell Website and go to the Dell Drivers Menu And enter Your Dell Laptop Service Tag or express code and select Bios then Download and Installed Latest Bios Version. Its important to every Laptop User

Update Your Drivers:- Make sure your laptop’s drivers are up to date, including your chipset and quick set drivers also battery drivers. You can do this by going to Dell’s Website and downloading the latest drivers for your laptop model.

Reduce Power usage:- To extend your battery life, You can reduce the power usage of your laptop by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features. You are not currently using.

Calibrate Your battery :- If you are still experiencing issues with your battery backup, You may need to calibrate your battery. To do this, fully charge your battery and then discharge it until it shut down. Then charge it fully again in off mode and need continue charge for 4 hours.

If none of these steps resolve your battery issue, it may be a hardware problem and you may need to contact Dell Support Center 

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